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About Lesotho Basketball Association
Before the formation of the Lesotho Basketball Association (LBA) IN THE COUNTRY IN 1991, there already existed some basketball activities in schools, amongst certain individual groups in Maseru and the National University of Lesotho (NUL). NUL had already started competing internationally in basketball even though most of the players in their team were not Lesotho national because Basotho youth were showing less interest in the sport.

A foreign coach - Mr. Akila Shokai (A Sudanese National based in the USA) was invited by Lesotho Sports Council (LSC) through the help of the American Embassy in 1991 to introduce the structure of the Basketball development. A committee was formed even though it collapsed when the coach left the country the following year. Attempts were made in 1993 and 1995 to revive the activities of basketball, in vain.

On the 24th May 1996 Mr. Makoele succeeded in calling people who formed an interim committee which registered LBA with LSC and later with FIBA (International Federation) as a 2005th member. LBA'S membership was then accepted in 1997 by FIBA and was officially accepted in Athens-Greece in the 1998 July FIBA World Congress. The structure of the committee was later on changed to suit the demands of the constitution. A position of a woman was created to meet the requirements of 10% representation of woman in sports committees in support of the "Brighton Declaration" of 1994 which is a requirement in the "Olympic Charter". The committee called the first LBA elections on October 10th 1999 where the ratification of the new constitution was done by the general meeting. Majority of those elected into the committee did not last in their respective portfolios, as a result there has also been re-shuffling within the members because of the pressures of the work in each department and also because of the inclination of the members.


LSC -(Lesotho Sports Council) currently known as LSRC (Lesotho Sports and Recreation Commission)

LNOC - (Lesotho National Olympic Committee)



Lesotho Basketball Association aims to improve basketball in Lesotho amongst youth through launching of programmes in different age categories (mini-basketball - under 12 , juniors –under 20, and senior - 21+) and mobilization of donor community.


1. To promote, organize, manage and supervise basketball activities in Lesotho and abroad

2. To forge link other sporting bodies in and out of the country

3. To help organize basketball competitions within Lesotho as well competitions between Lesotho and organization based in other countries

4. To promote public awareness of basketball in Lesotho

5. To encourage fight against all forms of distribution

6. To encourage a fight doping

7. To encourage woman's participation in sports and to give special attention and be committee to development of woman Basketball.


1997 First high school started with ten (10) schools.

1998 LBA represented in winter Olympic Youth Championships in Nagano

1998 LBA player in commonwealth team basketball youth tournament in Scotland

1998 Five referees trained in South Africa and One qualified as FIBA referee

1998 two coaches send to coaching schools in Germany and Hungary.

1998 1st international game to for under - 20 team (in South Africa) coached by an American Coach

1998 30 coaches attended a basic coaching course in Maseru - run by FIBA instructor from Zambia

1999 1st National Basketball League started with eight teams

1999 Four referees trained in Egypt - 1st Lady Referee to Lesotho attended the course

1999 1st international games for our national teams - ladies in Mozambique and men in Zimbabwe and South Africa coached by a qualified Mosotho coach

1999 under - 20 teams played in Botswana (boys and girls) first experience for girls

1999 1st LBA competition rules and ratified by the AGM

2000 Under - 20 tour (Durban, Bloemfontein, Swaziland and Bethlehem) four wins and five losses for boys, one win and four losses for girls

2000 Two coaches (one man and one woman) send to Cuba

20001 under - 20 tournaments in Gauteng - 3rd position out Cuba

2001 College games launched

2001 Mini-Basketball programme launched

2001 Senior team revived (Durban tournament for men and woman)

2001 Lesotho hosted a two nation's tournament against Botswana as an inaugural tournament making development relations between Lesotho and Botswana (Under - 20 invited to play Lesotho and Botswana senior teams)

2001 3rd coach send to Cuba

2001 Acquire a new coach (experience as coach, referee and table official) - Siphiwe Mzethi

2001 Received Engine sponsorship for development of basketball locally (coaching, referees, table officials, mini-basketball and training of administrators)

2001 Acquired Engine sponsorship for a tournament in Durban "Under 18 Challenge", Boys were fourth out of six and girls out fifth out of five


National Basketball league (NBL)

Top-4 finals

Winter Tournament

Independence tournament currently known as Mohale Molapo Tournament

Summer Slam

High school League currently know as BBLSB (Basketball Based Life skills Programme)

BBLSP All School Two day tournament

BBLSP Top-8 finals

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