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On the 23rd January 2016 all the sport loving people in Lesotho converged at the Maseru Avani to witness the first ever Sport Legacy Awards to be organized in the Mountain Kingdom. Guests saw who the men and women who managed Lesotho sport since 1970, both as Lesotho Sports Council (LSC)or Lesotho Sport and Recreation Commission were. They also got to know about the athletes who made fans happy both locally and internationally.

Lesotho Sport and Recreation Commission (LSRC) has introduced a recognition system for athletes and officials who go out of their way to make the Basotho Nation proud to have such people in their sport fraternity. Consultants were engaged to get information from National Sport Federations (NFs) about individuals or groups who deserve to be recognized and honoured for their achievements during their time as participants in Lesotho Sport. On the same note, a team of Evaluators was also engaged to decide from the information given, who qualified to get an award and for what reasons. On the 23rd January 2016, yet another team had been requested to put up an event in which all these Legends were given the awards.

1998 Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist - Thabiso Moqhali

Submissions from the associations assisted the LSRC in deciding to include only the following associations:
Federation of Dance Sport Lesotho
Lesotho Amateur Athletics Association
Lesotho Amateur Boxing Association
Lesotho Basketball Association
Lesotho Football Association
Lesotho Lawn Tennis Association
Lesotho National Netball Association
Lesotho Taekwondo Association
Lesotho Volleyball Association and
Women and disability sports.

Project Objectives

The LSRC’s goal in sponsoring the event was to start a recognition system that will make Basotho proud of their sport legends as well as encourage those participating in sport to realize that their efforts won’t be in vain. The main objectives of the event were:
To Profile all past Presidents of the LSC and LSRC together with their Executive Committees and display their names during the event;
To Profile all past legends and award them trophies as required; and
To organize a memorable event in which all will be proud to have been part of.

President Limpho Mokhochane and Hon. Mathibeli Mokhothu

2016 Award Lists

Recognition Award List
 1.       Konka Molapo (LABA)
2.       Teboho Masita (LVA)
3.       'Mathabo Makenete (LLTA)
4.       Portia Diaho (LNA)
5.       Sam Mphaka (LTA)
 6.       Tšepo Raletooane (LVA)
7.       Pekosela Nthako (LVA)
8.       Mokhele Ramonate (LVA)
9.       Mokete Mpomane (LAAA)
Umpires / Referees
 10.    Souru Phatšoane (LEFA)
11.    Ratsiame Khampane (LEFA)
12.    Maphoesa Hoohlo (LEFA)
13.    Teboho Ratšiu (LEFA)
13.    Teboho Ratšiu (LEFA)
14.    Katiso Selebalo (LEFA)
15.    Sello Lesita (LEFA)
16.    Thomas Tsike (LEFA)
17.    Koporale Ramabitsa (LEFA)
18.    Tseliso Mpobole (LABA)
19.    Lydia Makotoane (LAAA)
20.    Mary Machoba Mahloane (LAAA)
21.    Tlalinyane Khomari (LLTA)
22.    Kekeletso Lebeta (LLTA)
23.    Koleile Mokhitli (LLTA)
24.    Thabo Mokenela (LLTA)
25.    Lebohang Khomari (LLTA)
26.    Mpiti Mothibe (LLTA)
27.    Pusetso Makotoane (LLTA)
28.    Tšeliso Zwakala (LTA)
29.    Sebusiso Keketsi (LABA)
30.    Mosolesa Tsie (LABA)
31.    Tieho Manare (FEDALE)
32.    Nthunya Rasekoai (FEDALE)
33.    Thabiso Ratšoane (NAPCOL)
34.    Jabi Diaho (SOL)
35.    Nomhlekase Matekane (SOL)
36.    Jeremane Teele (NAPCOL)
Honour Award List
 1.       Tsepane Tumahole (LABA)
2.       Bambatha Tšita (LEFA)
3.       Ramakatsa Mothofela (LVA)
4.       Mofihli Makoele (LBA)
5.       George Makara (FEDALE)
6.       Palesa Mphohle (SOL)
7.       Qekisi Hlehlisi (LTA)
8.       Moeketsi Leon Thaanyane (LTA)
9.       Lipholo Makhetha (LNOC)
 10.    Phallang Mokhesi (LABA)
11.    Thabo Makakole (LEFA)
12.    Masita Teboho (LVA)
13.    Mokebe Justice Maketela (LAAA)
14.    Ntšili Motsieloa (FEDALE)
15.    Clement Mphalane Notši (LLTA)
16.    Mohanoe Lefosa (LTA)
 17.    Nolan Mohlotsane (LABA)
18.    Mochochonono Mokutlule LABA)
19.    April Styles Phumo (LEFA)
20.    Monaheng Monyane (LEFA)
21.    Kenneth Hlasa (LAAA)
22.    Stephen Manare (FEDALE)
23.    Pascalina Katu (LLTA)
24.    Chocho Rafutho (LLTA)
25.    Moorosane Nkesi (LTA)
26.    Brigadier Victor Mohapi (LABA)
27.    Monethi Monethi (LABA)
28.    Paul Phomane (LEFA)
29.    Colonel Naha Kolisang (LTA)
30.    Tšepo Hlojeng (LEFA)
31.    Motsapi Moorosi (LAAA)
32.    Limpho Rakoto (NAPCOL)
33.    Levi Makoanyane (NAPCOL)
34.    Molise Tau (LTA)
35.    Lineo Mochesane (LTA)
36.    Likeleli Thamae (LTA)
37.    Ezekiel Sephula Letuka (LABA)
38.    Moses Kopo (LABA)
39.    Thabiso Paul Moqhali (LAAA)
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